Eddie Bauer Redux.

In 2023, Eddie Bauer updated their logo and ditched their iconic script wordmark for an all-cap sans serif treatment—and a goose. Since then, several people have reached out to get my take on this change, and I will tell you what I told them, geese are assholes. They outnumber us ten to one here in Boise, and they know it. As for the logo, I wasn’t involved in the project, so I can’t weigh in on that in good conscience. Who knows what is going on behind those puffy goose-down doors? But I do know that I love the brand and grew up with the iconic signature logo, and seeing the company make the switch piqued my curiosity for what an evolved script could look like, and here we are. 

Please note:
This is nothing more than a fun educational exercise that I tinkered with between projects. My goal was to evolve the wordmark for my amusement and to satisfy a lingering curiosity about this project. Ultimately, I decided to share the outcome below just for kicks.

The evolution process.

There are many ways you could approach a wordmark evolution like this, but I chose to focus on three things while redrawing this iconic script:

  1. Raise the x-height—this will open things up and create a fresher look
  2. Simplify—unify the letterforms with consistent angles and weight
  3. Honor—adjust, but leave the soul of the original mark intact
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Well, that was fun.

I have always loved redrawing wordmarks. There is just something about getting all up in the details and seeing how the most minor adjustments can change the feel of a design. If this is something you are interested in, please reach out—I would love to talk.