What I do.

With light:
Lifestyle photography.
Environmental portraiture.
Advertising photography.
Art direction.

With ink and pixels:
Brand design.
Hand lettering.
Visual campaign development.
Art direction.

I’m an art director by trade, photographer by craft and a light-hearted creative by nature. My background in art direction drives everything I do and ultimately informs my work as a lifestyle and environmental portrait photographer. Which is a really long way of saying I make images tailored to my client’s needs. Not mine.

Through lifestyle imagery, I aim to depict life’s authentic moments that ironically don’t feel like photographs. I try to capture the unsung and overlooked moments of life that make it unique. Like a hiker putting on his boots while avoiding a dog that’s desperately trying to lick his face. Or a father celebrating his daughter’s soccer victory with surprise ice cream on the way home. These moments are what make life special and what my work revolves around.

I like to think I make images instead of taking them—this is because with commercial imagery many aspects need to be thoughtfully crafted and approved in advance. Don’t get me wrong, there is happenstance and organic beauty that occurs on every shoot. But the road map getting to those serendipitous moments isn’t a coincidence. That said, shooting from the hip along with documentary/editorial style approaches have their own merits and are well within my comfort zone.

Lastly, because of my background in design and art direction, many of my clients have confirmed that my ability to picture the design and image simultaneously is what separates my approach. This allows me to anticipate how design and image will live together, and ultimately making the lives of those who hire me a little easier. In a world filled with outstanding photographers, the added benefit of having a background in design proves itself invaluable time and time again. This is something I take pride in and will continue refining to further improve my clients’ success.

If any of this struck a chord with you, I’d love to talk further. Please reach out.