Here we go.

November 1, 2021

Over the years, numerous people have asked me if I’ve ever thought about making a blog to share my thoughts. I’ve always wrestled with the idea as I’m not a writer and I definitely don’t like being on a soapbox of any kind. That said, I’ve always loved having conversations with other creatives and oftentimes these conversations end up spurring new ideas. These experiences helped me decide to give it a shot and here we are.

What to expect.
This will be a place for my thoughts on an industry I live and breathe, commercial art and advertising. I’ve been a creative my whole life, but professionally now for over a decade. All thoughts I share here will be based on hands-on experience in the industry. No BS. No fluff. Told like it is with the creative always top-of-mind. I’ve encountered the good, the bad, and the ugly on my creative journey and I’ve been extremely fortunate to have learned from all of it. Though I see this blog as being primarily industry-related, I’ll likely share some other tidbits along the way. Please join me for the ride.